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Support your colleagues facing housing problems

Find out how the housing emergency affects working people today in our latest report

The housing emergency is real. And it's impacting your colleagues’ mental health, wellbeing and performance at work.

With the pandemic, more people than ever are facing unsafe housing and homelessness.

Home life can ruin work life

  • 17% of workers have been ill or sick in the last three years because of their housing problems

  • 1 in 5 people are suffering with anxiety and stress because of their housing

  • 63% of renters don't have any savings and could risk homelessness if they lost their job

It's time to support your colleagues. As an employer, you can create a safe space for everyone. We can help you do this.

Join our Housing Wellbeing programme

We can help you with:

Identifying the problems

We'll start with our Housing Health Check survey. So we can spot the issues your colleagues are facing and assess their impact on wellbeing.

Designing the right support programme

This may include internal resources, employee webinars, team workshops and individual training. All tailored to the needs of your team.

Delivering training and advice

We'll give your people the knowledge, the confidence and the right tools to take action - for themselves, or to help their colleagues.

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Download our brochure to get started

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Hear from Malak, who experienced working homelessness

Because of the pandemic, Malak and her daughter became homeless. This affected their wellbeing and Malak's employment.

Together with Alex Fleming, President of Northern Europe for the Adecco Group, and Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter, they discuss how employers can help their people.

It's time to support your colleagues

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Proudly sponsored by the Adecco Group

We’ve joined forces with The Adecco Group to fight for everyone’s right to a safe home.

Together, we’re helping people find lasting, secure employment and making sure that housing wellbeing is a priority for all employers.

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