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How renters unions can help

Renters unions can give local support if you’re dealing with landlord harassment and illegal eviction.

You generally join a renters union and sometimes pay a small membership fee.

Renters unions could:

  • attend and stop an illegal eviction

  • request repairs work on behalf of tenants

  • challenge bad practice by agents such as charging illegal fees

Find a renters union in your area

Renters unions with local branches include:

  • ACORN (UK wide) - direct action union. Helps private renters stop illegal evictions, demand repairs, and challenge bad practice from landlords and agents 

  • London Renters Union - campaigning union. Takes action to win homes for people. Helps with issues such as stolen deposits, disrepair and eviction threats.

  • Greater Manchester Tenants Union - represents private renters and social tenants with issues such as deposits and repairs. Campaigns for safe and affordable housing.

These organisations are all part of the Renters Reform Coalition

Last updated: 13 June 2023

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