Get healthcare when homeless

Find out how to register with a GP or get healthcare if you’re sleeping rough.

Register with a doctor

You can register with a GP even if you don't have a fixed address.

A GP can't refuse to register you just because you're homeless or you don't have proof of address or ID.

If you're asked for an address on the registration form, you can use the address of a:

  • hostel
  • day centre
  • friend or family member

You can only be refused if the surgery or medical centre has closed its list to new patients. If you're refused registration, ask the receptionist to write down the reasons for this.

Find a GP on the NHS website or by calling 111

Show this NHS leaflet which explains your rights to register with a GP if you have any problems getting registered.

Get healthcare through a day centre

You can get healthcare from:

  • day centres
  • specialist medical centres

Use Homeless Link's directory to find a homeless day centre near you

There are specialist medical centres for people sleeping in hostels or on the streets. Some centres also help with mental health, alcohol and drug problems.

Last updated - 08 November 2019

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