Help if you're on the streets: store your things

Get help storing your furniture and clothes if you're homeless or staying in temporary council housing.

Where you can store your things

If you need somewhere to store your furniture, clothes and other belongings, you can:

  • ask family or friends to store things
  • ask the council to help when you apply as homeless
  • find and pay for a storage unit near you

Council storage

The council may have to offer you emergency or temporary housing if you make a homeless application.

If the council provides accommodation it should also take steps to protect your belongings if:

  • you can't arrange storage yourself (for example, you can't afford it)
  • your belongings could get damaged or lost

The council will usually charge you for storage.

The council won't have to help with storage unless it has to provide you with accommodation but you can still ask for a list of local storage facilities.


You usually have to pay the council for removals and storage. Costs vary – check with your council's homeless department how much it charges.

The council might agree to you paying in instalments if you're on a low income or claim benefits.

You may be able to get help with storage costs though a local welfare assistance scheme. Enter your postcode below to see if your council runs a scheme: 

Moving your belongings from council storage

The council may ask you to collect your things from their storage if:

  • your property is no longer at risk of damage or loss
  • you leave temporary housing
  • you get longer-term housing
  • the council decides you no longer qualify for help
  • you don't pay the charges

If you don't collect your things within a certain time, the council can dispose of them.

If you're sleeping on the streets

If you're sleeping on the streets, you might be able to store your belongings at a day centre.

Last updated - 03 April 2018

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