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Asylum support and housing

Who can get help

You can get housing and some money each week if you have:

  • made an asylum claim in the UK

  • nowhere to live or no money

You are not usually allowed to work while you are seeking asylum.

If you are under 18

In the UK you are legally a child if you're under 18.

This gives you different rights to adults who are seeking asylum.

If you are in the UK on your own, children's services must give you a safe place to stay.

Children's services are part of social services at your local council.

The immigration officer will contact children's services for you.

If you have not claimed asylum but you are here on your own, you can still get safe housing from children's services.

Find specialist help and online information if you're a child seeking asylum.

Single adults and families with children

You can ask for asylum support either:

  • when you make your asylum claim

  • at a later date if you are still waiting for a decision on your asylum claim

Find out how to apply for asylum support.

If you need immigration help

Shelter cannot give immigration advice.

Citizens Advice can help you get specialist immigration advice.

You can search for a regulated immigration adviser on GOV.UK

Last updated: 14 September 2023

If you need to talk to someone, we'll do our best to help

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