Rights in supported housing

Your rights in supported housing usually depend on who your landlord is and the type of support you receive.

Types of supported housing

Supported housing schemes vary widely and can include:

  • hostels or refuges
  • sheltered housing for older people
  • self-contained accommodation with visits from support workers

Your agreement should set out what type of tenancy or occupancy you have and explain your rights and responsibilities.

Hostels and refuges

You're probably an excluded occupier if you have a hostel or refuge space and:

  • you're provided with food or share a kitchen with other residents
  • the hostel or refuge is owned by a council or housing association  

This could include a room in a private shared house if it is leased by the council or housing association for the purposes of supported housing.    

Self-contained accommodation with support

You probably have a licence if your agreement allows workers to enter your home to provide support or check on your well-being. 

You probably have a tenancy if support workers can't enter your home without your permission. 

Most supported housing agreements are not lifetime tenancies. You might have:

In most cases, your landlord will have to apply for an eviction order from the court if your tenancy or licence ends and you stay in the property.   

Sheltered housing for older people

Sheltered housing is usually in a scheme with a warden or emergency alarm system. There may be communal areas and social activities for residents.  

Most sheltered housing for older people is provided by councils and housing associations.

If you're offered sheltered housing from the council's waiting list it could be:

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If you're unsure of your rights or status in supported housing:

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