How to challenge discrimination when renting with children

Letter template: Looking for a family home

Some agents respond better to a friendly email than a more formal complaint.

It gives the agent a chance to reconsider and put things right.

Copy our template into an email to the agent.

[Use the subject: Looking for a family home]

My name is [your name].

I'm getting in touch to request a viewing of the property at [address].

This property is affordable for me as my monthly income is £xxx. The area is perfect for me because [I work locally/I have family in the area/my kids go to school nearby].

I'm happy to show proof of income and provide landlord references if offered a tenancy.

I'm hoping to find a stable longer term tenancy, and make a home I can be proud of.

I know that [letting agent name] value good customer service. Unfortunately, when I got in touch I was told that [explain what the agent said to you].

'No kids' rental policies stop families like ours from finding homes we can afford, and contribute to the housing emergency. These policies are likely to be unlawful discrimination in the same way as 'no DSS' policies.

I'd be grateful if we could arrange a viewing of this property. If this particular home is no longer available, please let me know about any similar properties.

Please reply by email or call me on [your phone number].

I look forward to working with you to find a home.

Best wishes

You can also send the template as an email attachment or letter:

If the agent ignores your email

Consider a formal complaint about 'no kids' policies.

Last updated: 13 September 2022

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