Letter template: Discrimination during a right to rent check

You have a 'right to rent' in England if you have the right to live in the UK.

Landlords and letting agents must check the immigration status of all adults who will live in the property before the tenancy starts.

Find out what you need to show for a right to rent check.

Equality law

Right to rent checks must not break equality law.

This means landlord and agents must not treat you differently because of:

  • nationality or where you were born

  • race, skin colour, ethnic group or religion

  • how long you have lived in the UK

  • your name, accent or English language skills

Find out more about discrimination and right to rent checks.

Use our template to complain

Copy this template into an email or message to your landlord or letting agent:

[Use the subject: Discrimination complaint]

I wish to make a formal complaint about how I was treated on [date of conversation or email].

I spoke to a staff member [add their name if you know it] about viewing or renting [address of property].

I was told [say what you were told].

I believe that you treated me unfairly because [say why].

Landlords and agents must not discriminate by race, ethnicity, colour, nationality or religion.

The code of practice for landlords says that to avoid unlawful discrimination you should:

  • be consistent in how you carry out right to rent checks on all prospective tenants

  • ensure that no prospective tenants are discouraged or excluded because of a known or perceived protected characteristic

I would like to provide documents or a share code that show I have the right to rent.

I would also like an apology.

If I do not hear from you or I'm not happy with your final response I will take my complaint to a redress scheme [only include this if your complaint is to an agent].

You can also send the letter as an email attachment or through the post:

What is a redress scheme?

All letting agents must join a redress scheme.

You can complain to a redress scheme if either:

  • you're not happy with the agent's final response

  • 8 weeks have passed and you've not had a final response

Find out more about letting agent redress schemes.

Last updated: 13 September 2023

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