Shelter responds to Government's extra Covid protections for rough sleepers and renters in January 2021

Posted 08 Jan 2021

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “You cannot follow the order to stay at home if you don’t have one – making the government’s decision to stop bailiffs from physically evicting people this winter the right call. While this ban doesn’t halt the evictions process entirely, it is the minimum required to keep more people safe in their homes.

“Even with the bailiff ban extended until February, we know people will still become homeless. The government’s extra £10 million for rough sleeping support and to make sure people are registered with a GP is very welcome and essential.

“Nobody should face the streets this winter, and yet we know through our services some people continue to be denied help. Vaccinated or not, it’s vital everyone is given access to emergency accommodation without question. We hope councils take the government's new instruction to help all those currently sleeping rough seriously – so no one’s life is put at risk”.


Notes to editors:

Anyone with a pending eviction, or who is worried about becoming homeless can contact Shelter for free and expert advice by visiting