Shelter’s response to today’s King’s Speech

Posted 07 Nov 2023

Shelter’s response to the mention of the Renters (Reform) Bill in today’s King’s Speech. 

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “In the last King’s Speech before a General Election, the government has failed to grasp the scale of the housing emergency. Decades of inaction has left us with runaway rents, rising evictions and record levels of homelessness and Ministers are blaming everyone but themselves. 

 “We’ve already seen the government play politics with the Renters (Reform) Bill and give in to a small minority of landlords on its own backbench who want to see it kicked into the long grass. Until the Bill is passed and implemented, 11 million private renters will remain living in constant fear of being evicted from their home without cause. 

“Instead of looking for scapegoats, the government should be pushing forward the solutions that will end the housing emergency for good - building social homes, fixing private renting and making it more affordable. To protect people from homelessness this winter, the Chancellor must unfreeze housing benefit in the upcoming Autumn Statement.“