Briefing: Connecting communities by supporting charities and volunteers

By: Angel Strachan
Published: February 2019

Shelter Briefing: Connecting communities by supporting charities and volunteers

Shelter was founded in 1966 and is the UK’s largest housing and homelessness charity. Last year we helped millions of people with their housing problems.

We also carry out research to understand more about the UK’s housing problem and develop solutions; we work with the media and with our campaigners to call on the government and others to tackle the causes and consequences of the housing crisis.

We have hubs in 13 locations across England, from Plymouth to Newcastle, providing face-to-face support for local people and helping them with a variety of wide-ranging issues. We also have almost 100 shops across England, selling quality, second-hand clothing and furniture. These hubs and shops are bases for connecting communities, bringing together different people with a shared purpose.

Last year Shelter set out our new 10-year strategy for improving the lives of people experiencing bad housing and homelessness. We identified 6 million households whose right to a home is either denied or under threat – soaring rents, insecure tenures, unaffordability. And at the same time, we commit in this strategy to bringing communities together to help us achieve this change.