Briefing: The Renters (Reform) Bill

By: Amelia Hart
Published: May 2023

Briefing: The Renters (Reform Bill)

For too long, private renters have been living in a sector characterised by insecurity,
discrimination, and poor conditions. The Renters (Reform) Bill is a once-in-a-generation
opportunity to change this, by resetting the balance of power between tenants and
landlords. For the millions of private renters in England, these reforms could be a
gamechanger: finally giving them the security they need to put down roots in their homes
and their neighbourhoods.

Shelter strongly welcomes the introduction of this long-awaited bill and is campaigning to
ensure that it is robust enough to provide private renters with genuine security and safety
in their homes, as well as proper protection against discrimination.

In order to meet the government’s ambition of creating a fairer private rented sector, the
Renters (Reform) Bill must:

  1. Close loopholes for unfair evictions when section 21 is abolished.

  2. Ensure that all private renters have genuine security in their homes by extending
    notice periods, protection periods, and ‘no reletting’ periods.

  3. Prevent homelessness by preserving private renters’ right to access
    homelessness assistance from their council as soon as a possession notice is

  4. Urgently bring forward legislation to outlaw discrimination against renters with
    children and those in receipt of benefits.