Briefing: Urgent Question on the End of the Eviction Moratorium

By: Ami McCarthy
Published: September 2020


The evictions suspension came to an end on the 20th September. Renters can now be evicted through the courts. While the government has taken some steps to protect renters, they have not introduced the long-term solutions which would protect people from Covid-evictions over the coming months. The inherent insecurity of the private rented sector (PRS) means that any renters in difficulty risk losing their home; the financial impact of Covid could have dire consequences. Private renters were already ill-equipped to weather the storm of a global pandemic, with 75% of private renting families with children already having no savings. It’s no surprise that since Covid hit, 322,000 renters have fallen into arrears. The government must urgently act to ensure renters don’t lose their homes because of Covid – not just now, but in the months to come