Briefing: Westminster Hall debate on Section 21

By: Poppy Terry
Published: December 2018

The use of Section 21 notices

Over the last decade, private renting in England has changed beyond recognition. At one time seen as a stopgap for students and short-term work opportunities, today the private rented sector is home to millions of working people on low to middle incomes, older people and families raising children.

As the face of private renting has changed, regulation of the sector has failed to keep up. This is no better demonstrated than the use of Section 21 notices – so called ‘no fault’ evictions – which make instability and insecurity an inherent feature of private renting.

To tackle increasing homelessness and give renting families more certainty, Shelter are calling on the government to introduce legislation to give all renters a minimum of three-year tenancies, as proposed in their recent consultation.