Briefing: Westminster Hall Debate on the Private Rented Sector

By: Ami McCarthy
Published: March 2020

Briefing: Westminater Hall Debate on the Private Rented Sector

The private rented sector (PRS) is the fastest growing housing tenure in England, which over the past decade has changed beyond recognition. Once seen as a short-term stepping stone for students and people moving for work opportunities, the PRS is now the second largest housing tenure in England. The PRS is now home to millions of working people on low to middle incomes, older people and families raising children.

While the sector has grown exponentially, the last significant legislation to affect the PRS was produced in 1988 (The Housing Act 1988). Shelter is calling on the government to significantly update regulation of the PRS by bringing forward robust legislation to make the sector more secure, less expensive and more accountable.