Briefing: Hard Pressed Renters - The Forgotten Middle?

By: Charlotte Gerada  Published: May 2017

The people coming through our doors to seek help and advice provide Shelter with a real-time picture of the housing crisis. Over the last two years we have analysed feedback from Shelter advice services, YouGov Profiles and polling data to understand low income, hard-pressed private renters – a fast growing group of our clients - and why they are struggling. This document shares findings from those exercises, which have been used to inform our campaigning.


The document is made up of three main sections: ​

1. How our broken housing market has affected the country (slides 3 to 7)

Analysis from official statistics and YouGov polling on rent increases as a proportion of pay, the rise of those trapped in renting and increasing anxiety around housing stability gives background to the acute challenges hard pressed renters face. ​

2. Who hard pressed renters are (slides 8 to 25)

Shelter analysis of YouGov Profiles, with sample sizes of low income renters varying between 450 to 2,000 depending on the question asked. ​

3. How hard pressed private renters engage with solutions (slides 26 to 36)

YouGov polling data outlines how new homes with living rent rates appeal to hard pressed renters. Cross-market analysis shows how low rent homes are the answer to swelling numbers of trapped renters.


Download the full document: