Briefing: Offering Temporary Accommodation Out of Area

By: Kevin Garvey  Published: July 2015


This briefing is primarily for the attention of the Leader, cabinet members, senior management and policy teams in local authorities.

The document is intended to summarise the recent Supreme Court ruling on out of area temporary accommodation placements (Nzolameso vs Westminster City Council), and gives an overview of statistics around out of area placements, the details of the Supreme Court case and the recommendations that were made to local authorities.

Shelter understands the current pressures facing local authorities when attempting to accommodate homeless households in area, and the briefing is designed to provide policy recommendations to both councils and central government. It follows a more detailed briefing that has been produced by the National Housing Advice Service for frontline housing officers. If your local authority has not received this detailed briefing then please contact NHAS.


Download the full document: