Briefing: Proposed ban on letting agent fees to tenants

By: Poppy Terry  Published: September 2017



  • Shelter strongly welcomes the government’s intention to ban letting agent fees to tenants. Ending upfront fees will reduce the significant financial pressures renters can experience when moving and make the lettings market more transparent and competitive.
  • The government has clearly stated the policy intent: banning fees to tenants in order to help renters as consumers. As such we believe an outright ban on all fees is the only way to ensure this policy achieves its objective.
  • Evidence from Scotland suggests that arguments that the ban will lead to rent increases for tenants are overstated. Although there is a risk that removing referencing fees may increase discrimination in the market, this can be mitigated in part by using the ban as an opportunity to look more creatively at how such a service can be delivered.


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