Eviction Risk Monitor

By: Liam Reynolds  Published: December 2011


In this Eviction Risk Monitor research, we have analysed the number and location of possession claims issued in England. A possession claim is an advanced stage in the possession process. While not all households issued with a claim will end up being evicted, a claim is a good indication of the extent to which families are struggling to keep up with their housing costs and their potential exposure to losing their home. Furthermore, a possession claim is not the start of the difficulty for families. It’s often preceded by months of financial trouble which impacts a great many more people, with previous Shelter research showing that a third of people are struggling or failing to meet their housing costs.

This research shows that the threat of receiving a possession claim on your home is spread across the country. While rural areas don’t escape, risk of eviction is greater in cities and other urban areas, notably London. The twelve local authorities with the highest rates of eviction risk are all located in London, further evidence of the phenomenal pressure on families in the capital, partly as a result of high housing costs.


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