Good practice guide: landlord accreditation

By:   Published: September 2011

Private renting covers a wide variety of tenants – and an equally wide variety of landlords. The sector can be proud that most dealings between them are harmonious. When problems do occur, it may be because landlords do not fully appreciate the complex legal framework in which they operate. Where rogue landlords do prey on unsuspecting tenants, it can be because tenants find it hard to distinguish between a responsible landlord and a rogue operator.


Shelter believes landlord accreditation can reduce such difficulties. Accreditation can give tenants confidence that landlords will act professionally and offer good standards.

A majority of local authorities now operate landlord accreditation schemes. The benefits include increasing the number of sustained tenancies, better housing standards, and early resolution of problems – with lower costs to the authority, the landlord and the tenant.


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