Ground breaking - New ideas on housing delivery

By: Various authors  Published: July 2009

The double blow of the credit crunch and recession has hit the housing market hard and resulted in a severe reduction in the number of new homes being built. Given the current level of housing need, projected future demand for homes, and pressure on public finances, we could be feeling the impact of this slowdown for generations to come. Shelter, like many in the housing sector, believes that we must act now to reinvigorate housing delivery to ensure the continued supply of much needed new homes throughout the downturn and beyond.


This publication explores a number of ways that we might do this.  The different articles present a range of views, numerous challenges but as importantly give reasons to be optimistic about housing delivery.  Ground breaking puts forward ideas for how we might attract different forms of finance into housebuilding, how different parts of the housing sector can work together and share both the risk and reward of development, and how we can do this in ways that will meet housing need.

We hope that this publication will provide a springboard for all parts of the housebuilding sector to develop and trial innovative approaches to housing delivery so that this recession does not deny another generation a decent, affordable home.

The publication was launched at a roundtable event on Tuesday 7 July with senior representatives from across the housebuilding sector and government attending. Sir Bob Kerslake, Chief Executive of the Homes and Communities Agency and Mark Clare, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments spoke at the event.


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