Homes for the Future - A new analysis of housing need and demand in England

By: Alan Holmans, Sarah Monk and Christine Whitehead  Published: November 2008


To deliver the volume of affordable housing required, the Government and opposition parties need to rethink how this will be funded. The housing market downturn has created a different environment  that needs a new approach, with higher levels of public subsidy than at present. In short, we need a new deal for housing.

Social rented and intermediate housebuilding should be increased sharply over the next few years. This would start to tackle housing need and help keep the construction industry going in the current economic climate.

The Government must provide decisive leadership now to ensure that we build sufficient numbers of social rented homes over the long term to meet the growing housing need highlighted in this research. Without a renewed commitment, there will not be adequate homes to house the families of the future and more people will be living in overcrowded conditions, and stuck on housing waiting lists and in temporary accommodation.


Erratum: amendments made to the data in the regional map (inside front cover) and Table 5 (page 14), February 2009. These changes have been incorporated into the attached pdf.


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