Housing in transition: Understanding the dynamics of tenure change

By: Shelter and Resolution Foundation  Published: June 2012

England, traditionally seen as a nation of homeowners, is experiencing significant change in the types of housing tenure in which people live. The Government has estimated that there are more than one million households who have been excluded from home ownership in recent years.


This reflects the costs of housing and difficulties accessing mortgage finance as well as the impact of an ageing population and past housing policies. Taken together with cutbacks in funding for social housing and continued growth in household numbers, Britain is seeing an almost inevitable increase in private renting. This has been most apparent for the younger age group, with a threefold increase in private renting among the under 35 age group on below average incomes from the late 1980s to the late 2000s.

This briefing is based on research carried out by the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research. The full study is available at:

Housing in Transition - full report



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