No place like home? Policy discussion paper

By: Elizabeth O'Hara  Published: October 2008

This is Shelter's new policy discussion paper considering the various topical issues surrounding the debate on housing and migration. Immigration is a subject which receives a great deal of policy, political and media attention. Questions about who comes, where they come from, and how long they stay for are at the heart of an ongoing debate. Beyond the discourse on numbers, however, is a much more fundamental question: if immigration is here to stay - and labour market economics, as well as EU rules, say that it is - how do we manage the housing and other support needs of migrants while they are here?


Shelter believes that there needs to be a more focused and strategic approach to planning and providing for the housing and wider needs of migrants coming to the UK. In this new discussion paper, Shelter seeks to clarify the current situation, as well as suggest options for reform. We are keen to use this discussion paper as a platform for further constructive debate with relevant partners.


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