Consultation Response: Planning Reform

By: Cecil Sagoe and Rose Grayston  Published: January 2019


Shelter exists to support those in housing need. Last year we published our 2019 – 2022 strategy, including a commitment to campaign for more social housing to be delivered to address our national housing emergency.

Our 2017 New Civic Housebuilding report clearly demonstrated our belief in the need for government to commit to deliver ‘high quality, popular and locally affordable homes on a scale that can solve our housing shortage.’1 Recently, we have built on this with our new report setting out an ambitious vision for the future of social housing: Building for our future: A vision for social housing.

Building for our future clearly identifies that to address our housing crisis, where nearly 277,000 households in England are recorded as homeless,2 government should develop a 20-year programme for delivering 3.1 million more social homes. To achieve this, it is vital that our planning system and land market facilitate the delivery of high quality social housing. We are responding to this consultation with great interest as we want to ensure that government is doing all that it can to ensure that our planning system and land market deliver this objective.
Our consultation response will focus on government proposals in relation to permitted development rights (PDR), and will also cover the disposal of local authority land.


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