Research: Repossession and Eviction Hotspots 2014

By: Adam van Lohuizen  Published: December 2014

Over 200,000 claims for possession were made in the last year, which we estimate put almost half a million people in England at risk of losing their home during that period. Shelter is here to provide advice and support to anyone who faces losing their home, or has already lost their home.


We all hope we'll never go through the devastating experience of losing our home. But every day at Shelter we see families at risk of having the worst happen. It can take just one thing, like losing your job or falling ill, to put your home at risk. Our new research shows the number of households at risk of repossession or eviction in England over the past year. It shows that there are 'hotspots' where as many as one home in every 36 could have been at risk in the past year. London local authorities dominate the list, taking the top 13 places, and 16 of the top 20. Whilst the highest risk areas identified were in London this is not just a London problem, with hotspots identified all over England.


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