Response - Community Land Trusts

By: Michala Beacham  Published: December 2008


The credit crunch, and subsequent economic downturn, have significantly altered the landscape for housing delivery in England.  The reliance on private development and section 106 agreements as the primary mechanism for delivering affordable housing is no longer a sustainable proposition in the current economic climate.  Over the short to medium term as lack of liquidity in mortgage and lending markets severely curtails house building and buying, it will become more important to utilise new models of housing delivery.  Over the long term, the emphasis will need to be on sustainable models of development, particularly for affordable housing. 


CLTs are an example of a different way of delivering affordable housing by focusing on smaller scale, localised housing investment to lock in affordability in perpetuity.  CLTs have the potential to play an important role in supporting the development of affordable housing in areas where larger scale investment may not be viable, such as rural communities.  In either a rural or urban context, CLTs provide an opportunity for residents to play an active role in shaping where and how they live. 


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