Response - Draft London Plan

By: Nicola Robinson  Published: September 2002

Shelter welcomed (September 2002) the strategy set out for delivering sufficient homes to meet current needs in the draft London Plan. Underpinning this was the target that 50 per cent of all new developments must be affordable.


Shelter's document set out the reasons why we strongly supported this target. Shelter believed the evidence showed that it could be achieved, as long as the Government makes the necessary public subsidy available to underpin it.

Shelter believes there is an opportunity for the Mayor and the GLA, not just to use the formal powers available through the planning process, but also to take a key strategic lead in developing the policies needed to deliver the kind of change in housing outcomes encompassed within the DLP's vision. This means working with other bodies - local authorities, central government, registered social landlords, the private, public, voluntary and community sectors - to deliver new solutions to the Capital's housing problems.

We welcome the priority given to housing in the Mayor's recent public statements and the commitment that is being shown by these bodies to working in partnership with each other.

Two key areas in which we believe the Mayor and the GLA could take a strong lead are in developing a London-wide strategy for tackling the Capital's temporary accommodation crisis and in setting out a new strategic approach to rejuvenating the private rented sector.


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