Response - Fair Play: A consultation on the play strategy

By:   Published: July 2008


Shelter welcomes that the national vision for the fair play strategy has recognised that strong vibrant communities are an important part of ensuring that children and young people have a variety of places to play and an active involvement in play design and decision-making.  It is vital children and young people are able to access suitable and safe places to play that are near their homes.

However, we have highlighted the following areas in our submission which we believe should be further addressed:

  • Closer integration between the government departments involved (DCSF, DCMS and CLG), to ensure the national vision for play is achieved
  • To examine the needs of children living in bad housing, gypsy and traveller children, and children from black and minority ethnic groups who are particularly vulnerable in having few or no opportunity to play
  • The need to address the role of children and how best they can be involved in decision-making concerning public spaces
  • Provision for inclusive planning strategies to accommodate residents and potential residents who are often excluded from decision-making, such as non home-owners in temporary or private rented accommodation


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