Response - ONS Proposed domains and headline indicators for measuring national well-being

By: Francesca Albanese  Published: January 2012

When the Office of National statistics launched its national debate on measuring well-being on 26 November 2011, Shelter responded by setting out the rationale for the inclusion of housing indicators in a measure of national well-being. We still believe this is the case.


Housing is a key component of well-being. Analysis undertaken by the new economics foundation (nef) found that 9.7% of all the variation in satisfaction with life that could be explained (by their regression model) was explained by housing factors. Of all the housing and non-housing factors included in the regression model not having enough money to keep the home in a decent state of repair was the third strongest factor associated with well-being. The only stronger associations found with well-being in the model were self-rated health and sense of belonging to a neighbourhood.