Response - Performance Indicator Framework for Registered Social Landlords

By:   Published: February 2006


Shelter welcomes this consultation, and the fact that the Performance Indicator Framework for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) is to be reviewed. We are aware that RSLs find the current set of Performance Indicators (PIs) to be difficult and time-consuming to collect, and that there is a general feeling within the RSL sector that the sector is over-regulated.

Shelter does not believe that RSLs are over-regulated in any broad sense; however we do think that there is scope for review of the performance information collected so that it more closely reflects the role of RSLs at the present time.

Whilst Shelter acknowledges that reducing the number of performance indicators will be popular with RSLs, who feel themselves to be overburdened with regulation, we believe that the overall direction of regulation and scrutiny of RSLs needs to be upwards and outwards.

Current PIs do not reflect the change in the role of RSLs in the years since stock transfer was introduced, and the fact that they now manage half the social housing stock in England.

We believe it is vital that RSLs' performance is measured using criteria which reflect their broader responsibilities for meeting housing need and reducing homelessness in the communities within which they work.

We have recommended in this response new PIs to address this deficiency.


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