Response - Rough Sleeping 10 Years On

By: Steve McKeown  Published: June 2008

Shelter welcomes the opportunity to feedback on the discussion paper and to contribute to the development of the updated rough sleeping strategy. We support the continued emphasis given to meeting the housing and support needs of vulnerable groups such as rough sleepers.


Ten years on from the Social Exclusion Unit report, our understanding of the problems and solutions experienced by many rough sleepers has increased. However, despite improvements, rough sleeping has not gone away. This causes considerable difficulties for those who sleep rough, and continued concern from agencies working with these people and the wider community in which it occurs.


This is an opportune moment to consolidate learning to date and build on this. It also provides an opportunity to explore new ways of addressing the complex and diverse problems experienced by those sleeping rough. Current estimates of rough sleeping have remained relatively static for a number of years and fresh approaches may be required to bring about more lasting change.



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