Response: CLG allocations policy

By: Deborah Garvie and Kate Webb  Published: March 2012

The draft guidance will replace all the existing guidance on allocations and choice based lettings, including the existing 2002 Code (60 pages), the 2008 Code on choice based lettings (60 pages) and the further 2009 guidance (30 pages). Consequently, much of the detail, particularly detailed guidance on choice based lettings has been removed. With some exceptions, the draft guidance is little more that than a statement of the statute and provides very little assistance to local authorities on how policy and legislation is to be interpreted.


We agree wholeheartedly with the Minister's view that 'social housing is of enormous importance - for the millions who live in it now, and for the many more who look to social housing to provide the support they need to live safe, healthy and prosperous lives'. We are therefore disappointed that the majority of the consultation questions are aimed at local housing authorities. We feel it is very important that the views and needs of current, prospective and future social housing tenants are the foremost consideration in any guidance on how to implement the new legislative measures.


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