Response - Code of Guidance for LHAs and HATs on ASB: Policy and Procedures

By: Nicola Robinson  Published: July 2004


We believe the Code of Guidance should include:
· A specific requirement for statements to include a commitment to sustain tenancies wherever possible when tackling anti-social behaviour.
· A separate protocol within policies and procedures for dealing with cases that involve both victims and alleged perpetrators who are vulnerable. This should include specific guidance on dealing with incidents that relate to domestic violence.
· The promotion of support provision to rehabilitate perpetrators should include general support and tenancy sustainment schemes and not just those targeting particular issues outlined at paragraph 3.16 such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse etc.  
· Good practice examples of effective interventions that provide alternatives to eviction.
· Examples of the appropriate use of the particular measures available to social landlords in order to ensure that social landlords provide a consistent approach in tackling anti-social behaviour.

We also seek assurances that the guidance provided by the Housing Corporation as a far as possible mirrors the Code of Guidance for local housing authorities.


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