Response: Social Security Advisory Committee: Housing Benefit regulations

By: Kate Webb  Published: June 2011

Shelter is deeply concerned at plans announced in the October Spending Review to extend the threshold of the Shared Room Rate - now re-named the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) - to 35 years old for single adults without dependent children. Shelter has previously called for the total abolition of the SAR because of its detrimental impact on the housing of those subject to it. We are deeply concerned that rather than addressing the pre-existing problems with the rule, the Government intends to increase the number assessed under the SAR by more than 40 per cent.


Shelter does not consider that the arguments to support this move outweigh the likely negative impact on a large number of claimants and we urge the Social Security Advisory Committee to recommend that the reform does not go ahead. If Government continues with this policy we urge Ministers to extend the safeguards for vulnerable groups and to review the impact at the end of the spending review period.


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