Shelter Briefing: General Debate on Housing

By: Robin White  Published: April 2018


In England, we are facing an acute housing crisis, one driven by a long-term failure to build enough homes, and in particular enough affordable homes. The results of are stark:

  • 300,000 families are now homeless in England, including 127,000 children;
  • 78,000 households are living in temporary accommodation;
  • Average house prices are 8 times income for ordinary working families;

To resolve these challenges, the core solution is dramatically increasing the delivery of genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy. This needs to be achieved by a combination of increasing the number provided by private developers as part of Section 106 planning obligations and by unleashing a new wave of public sector housebuilding comparable to the post-war years, one based on the principles found in the Shelter’s New Civic Housebuilding report.


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