The human cost - How the lack of affordable housing impacts on all aspects of life

By: Belinda Turffrey  Published: April 2010

The high cost of housing is one of the most pressing issues facing Britain today. Spiralling house prices and a dysfunctional housing system has meant that for years, the amount that we have had to pay to meet our housing needs has escalated. As a result, for a growing number of people, finding a suitable home they can afford has become increasingly difficult.


To understand more deeply the impact unaffordable housing is having on society, Shelter commissioned YouGov to carry out a survey to find out first-hand what the high cost of housing meant for people.

The results have reinforced our belief that unaffordable housing plays a vital role in changing the way people live, and constraining their choices. The findings illustrate how the high cost of housing is having an impact on all aspects of life, and raise the prospect that, as a result of a collective failure to find solutions, we could be allowing ourselves to drift into a future where we will all ultimately be worse off.


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