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Report: Achieving the Ambition

By: Kantar Public
Published: August 2016

Report: Achieving the Ambition

It is widely recognised that increasing housebuilding to the level now required is a major challenge. If we are entering a period of economic uncertainty following the vote to leave the EU then that challenge will be magnified. However, the government’s million-homes commitment is also a huge opportunity to turn around a weakness for our country and fulfil people’s ambition for a home of their own.

In this paper we set out:

  • An analysis of how the vote to leave the EU may impact the housing market and house building, informed by new market projections from Capital Economics. These projections set the context in which one million homes must be built.

  • Lessons that policy-makers should learn from the housing market slump following the 2007/08 financial crisis and from the policy responses to it.

  • A set of policies aimed at increasing housebuilding towards the government’s target of one million homes during this Parliament.