Report: Down the Line

Published: January 2015

Report: Down the Line

Britain is experiencing a housing crisis and Shelter is seeing record numbers of people calling our helpline and visiting our website for advice.  In order to meet the needs of our growing client  base, we must examine how we can best serve the needs of our clients and help the most people with our limited resources. 

This is why we commissioned TNS BMRB to conduct a study into the needs of those facing housing problems, how they came to seek advice and the role that different channels can play in helping them resolve their problem. 

The research found that housing advice needs are complex and often determined by:

  • What their housing problem is, such as how severe or urgent it is;

  • Their personal, emotional and practical circumstances, such as their experiences of mental or physical health problems, or difficulties in their relationships; and

  • How capable they are of seeking help, such as whether they have skills or knowledge about the problem their facing, or how confident they are emotionally and in their own abilities.

The research explores how taking this information into account can help Shelter – and other providers – design face to face, telephone and online services that best meet the needs of those facing bad housing and homelessness.