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Report: Grounds for Change

By: Rose Grayston
Published: June 2019

Grounds for Change

Over the last 50 years we have created a system where almost every scrap of land for new communities and homes is maximised to deliver the highest possible return for the landowner. Almost all land value—which is created by infrastructure, communities and the granting of planning consent—flows to the landowner. But if we shared that value more evenly between communities and the landowner we could address our housing emergency and get back to doing development better. 

Luckily, politicians, campaign groups, think tanks and charities are already calling on the government to take the action that is needed to bring down land prices. It’s time for government to act decisively and reform the Land Compensation Act 1961.

That’s why Shelter has put together this collection of essays from leading thinkers on housing, answering one simple question from many points of view. 

The question is: What could be achieved in a world where land comes into development at a lower value? 

The result of this: a collection that showcases just some of the desire for change that now exists.