Report: Renters put at risk

By: Jenny Pennington
Published: June 2016

Renters put at risk

We all hope we never go through the devastating experience of losing our home. But every day at Shelter, we see families in this position. It can take just one simple thing, like your landlord wanting to sell-up, to put your home at risk.Mercifully, low interest rates, pre-action protocols and support for homeowners are keeping the number of possession claims by mortgage lenders at relatively low levels.However, welfare reforms, the growth of the private rented sector, the spiralling costs of renting and the shortage of affordable homes mean that hundreds of thousands of renters are being threatened with eviction each year.Our new research explores the number of rented households put at risk of eviction in England over the past year at a local, regional and national level. It identifies areas where a high proportion of renters are at risk of losing their homes.