Response - Every Child Matters

By: Helen Lewis
Published: September 2003

Response - Every Child Matters

Shelter's expressed concerns about the scope of the proposals.

Shelter supports the overall aim of Every Child Matters to improve the protection of children through intervening early in problems. We agreed that better integration of the work of departments and agencies is key to this approach succeeding.

However in general, we do not consider that the links between the health and educational needs of children with their housing conditions are sufficiently recognised.

Our recommendations include:

  • Policies need to be put in place to clarify data protection issues, information sources and whistle-blowing procedures - both within and between agencies.

  • Different models of multi-agency teams should be developed, in line with local needs, but also to deal with different client groups.

  • Existing service models, such as SureStart, need to be funded to meet the needs of homeless families and other marginalised and mobile groups.