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Response: Local Decisions - a fairer future for social housing

By: Deborah Garvie
Published: January 2011

Response: Local decisions - a fairer future for social housing

We welcome the Government's commitment to 'tackling homelessness and protecting the most vulnerable in society' and we support the retention of the current homelessness priority need groups and the retention of the duty on councils to secure suitable accommodation for people in these groups We therefore strongly oppose the proposal to allow councils to discharge the homelessness duty, without the applicant’s agreement, with an offer of a suitable private letting with a minimum 12 month fixed term. This measure will not alleviate homelessness.


We strongly oppose the removal of security of tenure in general needs social housing whereby councils will be able to discharge their homeless duty through the new tenancy, and existing relets of socially rented homes can be let on 'affordable rents'.