Response - PPS1: Creating Sustainable Communities

By: Nicola Robinson
Published: June 2004

Response - PPS1: Creating Sustainable Communities

Shelter welcomes the Government committment to creating sustainable communities (defined in the paper as communities that will stand the test of time, where people want to live, and which enable people to meet their aspirations and potential).

We are also encouraged by the key policy messages on social inclusion, the emphasis on good design, the need for spatial planning which integrates wider policy issues such as regional economic and housing strategies, community development, transport etc.

However, Shelter believes that the PPS1 needs more clarity on a number of issues:

  • Identify and consider the needs of a wider range of vulnerable groups to ensure full committment to social inclusion

  • Clearer key policy message to ensure provision of services for most disadvantaged groups

  • The needs of potential future residents must be incorporated as a key policy message

  • Where housing market assessments demonstrate a shortage of affordable housing locally, then planning obligations must retain a strengthened Necessity Test

  • More detailed guidance is required regarding community participation.