Response - The London Plan draft replacement plan

By: Contact: Karen Stalbow
Published: January 2010

Response - The London Plan

We are pleased that the revised London Plan focuses on the need to increase housing supply in London across all tenures, but particularly its emphasis on providing new affordable homes in mixed, balanced communities.  Safe, secure and high quality homes support not just the individuals who live in them, they create and sustain communities, connect people to social and economic opportunities and are central to ensuring London’s prosperity is passed on to all of its residents.  The revised Plan also clearly makes the connection between high quality housing, life chances and addressing health inequalities, which Shelter is particularly pleased to see.

All of the policies outlined in the revised London Plan will be critical to realising the Mayor’s vision of London being the ‘best big city on earth’; however, given Shelter’s areas of expertise this response is confined to those aspects of the Plan that relate directly to housing policy.