Response: RBKC Local Lettings Plan

By: Ruth Ehrlich
Published: May 2019

Response: RBKC Local Lettings Plan

For the residents of the Lancaster West Estate and the surrounding neighbourhood, the Grenfell Tower fire caused exceptional levels of trauma, in terms of witnessing the horror of the blaze, dealing with the loss or injury of relatives, friends and neighbours, and coping with the aftermath.

The disaster shone a light on the housing needs of people living in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and drew attention to the significant efforts made by the local authority to address this.

In our view, the borough’s Local Lettings Plan seeks creative ways to help those affected by the Grenfell fire and those who are living in unsuitable accommodation on the Lancaster West Estate. However, it is restricted to a very small locality and does not allow for flexibility when considering the circumstances of people from the wider neighbourhood.

This response lays out our proposals to ensure that the Local Lettings Plan benefits those who need it.