Response: TSA consultation on affordable rent

By: Deborah Garvie
Published: March 2011

Response: TSA consultation on affordable rent

Shelter is disappointed that the only question asked of respondents relates to the flexibility for private registered providers of social housing, rather than the needs of tenants. We are therefore responding more generally to the TSA’s proposals that, following the outcome of its consultation, it plans to reissue its standards to include the following guidance on Affordable Rent homes:

  • rents in these homes shall be no more than 80% of the market rent for an equivalent property for that size and location

  • providers must use a valuation of market rent in accordance with a RICS recognised method

  • annual increases will be up to RPI + 0.5%

  • providers will be required to rebase the rent on each occasion that a new Affordable Rent tenancy is issued for that property, to ensure that rent remains no

  • more than 80% of market rent.