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Response: Wolfson Economic Prize

By: Toby Lloyd
Published: June 2014

Response: Wolfson Economic Prize

England desperately needs more homes. But our supply system is locked into a low output, low quality and high cost paradigm. Our New Garden City model transforms this dysfunctional system by delivering: 

  • Pension funds supporting large scale house building.

  • 1,000+ homes built out per year per site.

  • A viable, large scale off-site residential construction industry.

  • A small and medium house builder renaissance.

  • Quality homes affordable to the builders and architects who create them.

  • Substantial self-build contribution to supply.

  • A self-funding mechanism for transport infrastructure upgrades.

  • Local people having vested interests in supporting development.

  • Community ownership of assets funding exemplary local services.

  • Zero public finance for development.