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Shelter Representation: Spring Budget 2023

By: Shelter
Published: February 2023

Shelter Representation: Government Spring Budget 2023

To tackle the housing emergency and lift millions out of bad housing and
homelessness, the government must use it's nextBudget to:

  1. Restore LHA and keep in line with at least the 30th percentile of private rents to prevent homelessness in the cost of living crisis

  2. Invest in a 10-year Affordable Homes Programme of £12bn per year to deliver at least 90,000 social homes a year. A minimum of 80% of grant funding in the programme should go to homes for social rent, to focus government grant money on the most affordable tenure

  3. End ‘the £50 rule’ so that left behind places can get on and build the social rent homes they so clearly need

  4. Overhaul ‘Cost minimisation’ so building good quality, genuinely affordable social rent homes is viable everywhere

  5. Reinvest savings from the 7% social rent cap back into the social housing sector