What happens when there aren't enough homes?

By: Zorana Halpin
Published: February 2015

What happens when there aren't enough homes? - Shelter England

One of the most shocking consequences of our housing shortage is homelessness.

The acute lack of affordable homes affects millions of us, whether we face being priced out of home ownership, are forced to pay unaffordable rents, or find ourselves with nowhere to go. But it's those at the sharp edge of the housing crisis who really pay the price.

Though you won't see families with children sleeping on the streets, last September, across England, Wales, and Scotland, 93,000 children woke up homeless. They're hidden away in hostels and other types of temporary accommodation, often without basic kitchen facilities, or knowing how long they will be there for.  

If we don't start building more affordable homes, even more children will spend their childhoods without a settled home. The solution to the housing crisis is simple, but won't be easy to achieve. The government must urgently build more genuinely affordable homes where they are needed most.